Soap Art by Jaims, as the name implies specializes in decorative and art soaps. Its goal is to stir up positive human emotions through gift-giving, sharing happy memories, and creating a cozy ambiance. We want to be a part of your good memories and life experience through our unique hand-crafted Art Soap.

We also transmit our passion to art-loving people and to those who want to discover Soap Art through our online and offline workshops.

Our mission is to make soap a popular medium for artworks especially in small sculpture projects, decoration, and event souvenirs. Soap is accessible, biodegradable, and simple which makes it more interesting to use as an art medium. Scent your soap clay with your favorite essential oils and fragrances to make an agreeable experience.  Other malleable clays (earth clay, polymer clay, and the like) do not have this quality. 

We believe that our mission will be fulfilled. Firstly, by our effort to release new designs and soap art ideas. And secondly, through the ripple effect of transmitting our skills to others. Together, let us make the ones who are dear to us happy and feel loved by giving them our chosen art! Soap Art!


Soap Art by Jaims contributes to the preservation of the environment by repurposing unused kitchen wares as vases for its soap flower compositions and by using recycled materials in its packaging. We do this by replacing single-use plastic with cellophane, when possible, and by using paper boxes from recycled paper.  We also reuse our supplier’s shipping carton boxes and stuffers. In other words, we repurpose and prioritize recycling. 


Soap Art by Jaims uses only vegetable fats in its soaps. Because of this, it does not need to prove anything in testing.  Neither has to do any animal testing because of its decorative and creative purposes.


Soap Art by Jaims is registered in the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (Chambre des métiers et de l’artisanat) in Saint Denis.