The First Ever Bride to Hold A Soap Bouquet

Would you hold a soap bouquet for your wedding?

Why would you choose a soap bouquet for your wedding?  It’s simple, many wedding bouquets are thrown into the trash a week after the wedding event.  By choosing a soap wedding bouquet, you get to preserve your wedding bouquet for years after the event.  Not only that it serves as a decoration but it also serves as a natural essential oil diffuser.


Annalyn, being a practical bride, chose to hold a soap flower bouquet on her wedding day.  I bet she’s the first-ever bride to do it.  Many days after the wedding, her bouquet stayed intact and still smells good.  In fact, she could just add a few drops of essential oil to the soap flowers to revive its original scent, and voila!  Now she gets to enjoy her wedding bouquet as a beautiful decoration in her living room and as a natural essential oil diffuser. 

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Wedding Bouquet

Annalyn holding a soap bouquet during her wedding

Wedding Bouquet

After the wedding, the bouquet serves as a long-lasting display