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Make the Soap Art Project above immediately with this Soap Art Kit!

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Soap Art Kit Composition:

2 beige heart-shaped soaps 
35 g red soft soap clay
35 g pink soft soap clay
10 g green soft soap clay
10 g white soft soap clay
5 g black soft soap clay
5 g yellow soft soap clay

Net Weight: 180g

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Soap Kit


Online Workshop !

Become A Soap Artist!
Even Without Experience By Completing One Simple Project

Make DIY soap gifts that will impress your friends!
If you are a Soap Maker wanting to enhance the look of your soaps, a Clay Artist who wants to discover Soap Art, a Cookie Designer who wants to expand your artistic horizon, or a DIY enthusiast who wants to wow everybody with your handmade gifts, this course is for you!
Learn the skills and techniques used by a Soap Artist by completing this one simple project, the soap roses in a barrel!

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